Sunday, May 29, 2011

Terrible At Blogging

Sometimes I kind of regret starting this blog because I was going to try to be interesting with it, but I prefer my "personal" blogging so much more. Mostly I just really wanted to use "Karina Tell Us" because it is so perfect for a blog. But yeah, writing for an audience is cool in itself but I mean, I can't imagine my ramblings engaging a lot of people.

All I want is to spark some thought or give my skewed perception of things. I also don't have one thing I'd talk about forever (although recently I am definitely all about nails and e-window shopping) and none of it is particularly important. I uh... I just don't know. I don't want to write about my day or anything. Just stuff. I guess I'll keep doing that... whenever I decide to log on.

Okay so I watched Bridesmaids and I thought it was funny but I felt like it was a very long Kirsten Wiig sketch on Saturday Night Live. However, nabbing Jon Hamm as her jerk love-interest was definitely amazing because it's The Hamm and he is everything I'd want in a man. Its portrayal of women was great because it was realistic and although it dealt with weddings (not my favorite movie plot, truthfully) it was sad and heart warmin' at the right parts. OH YEAH and fucking Tim Heidecker was Maya Rudolph's fiance/husband in the movie which was a pleasant surprise and also hilarious. I think he had one line in the entire movie, but just his presence and facial expressions had me cackling. Yeah, cackling.