Sunday, May 30, 2010

If it bleeds, it leads

The (Only) Ten Basic News Stories by Psychology Today (dot com) has effectively summed up what the news is. I've not been one to complain about how corrupt the media is, because everyone knows it is, but I've heard some people sound like they've just discovered the secret to all news coverage and I just wanted to note that. Mostly, I'm posting this to lament about the death of journalism, in some respects.

When I first started high school and learned about the basics of journalism, I was really in awe of its integrity and honor. I had to cover basic opinions stories and features, and I did it with a lot of interest and passion. But as a poor journalism student, working towards publishing a newspaper that no one at school really read, you realize what kind of crap people rather read about. I cannot count how many times the staff has sat down to talk about story ideas, and we have to scrap dozens because we realize the school populus does not consist of individuals like ourselves. It's goddamn depressing, is what it is.

Ironically enough, I want to become an entertainment journalist/blogger extraordinaire (eventually). But it's because of this, really. I rather put out something distracting for the public to read, I guess. Thinking about filtering my writing really startles me. As it is, I keep cussing to a minimum on this because I want to make it reader-friendly and crap. But I don't want what I write to lose it's voice or argument. I don't want to pretend to like something like broadcasting at my school does. It's straight up awful, man. So here I am, up at 3am blogging about this.

My regular French/Disco House jamming session will now resume.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No I won't kneel

It's been difficult to remember to update this when so much has been going on. School is still like a really annoying rash that you can't ignore. It is so very close to over. Graduation looks like it is going to be torture, really. And it looks a little bit like a cult gathering with all the robes and funny hats, if you ask me.

In non-life related news, I am on this major music downloading spree and I have yet to tire. In the last few days I've downloaded two Portishead albums, Neon Indian, some Treasure Fingers tracks, the new A-Track mixtape, and I finally wrote up a list of more things to download. Currently listening to a Bloody Beetroots radio mix. These guys can do no wrong. Also, for my fellow uh, like-minded music friends? I bring you Chemical Jump, the blog that is supplyin' me with this weeks fix of electro.

Alright so that reminds me, for my 18th birthday I am definitely going to Grand Central Miami to celebrate. No questions asked. All those who are into house/electro and want to dance all night with me are invited to join. No wimps allowed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lazaro el Lechon

Disclaimer: You need to be Cuban/from Miami to really be able to appreciate this. Otherwise, if you're not Cuban/from Miami, you're going to think this is pura mierda.

This video is brought to you by my Cuban-est best friend, Jessica. This is basically the Cuban version of Triumph the Insult Dog, except better because this pig right here is true to life. Most adult, Cuban males in Miami are exactly this. Bluetooth, cigar, ski-sunglasses and all. It's things like this that make me appreciate the 305 so much. Kind of like my other favorite Cuban-related videos, like Tunturuntu, El Pototo and its sequel. That will never stop being funny to me. But I don't need to tell you all that, since you've probably all seen it by now. And if you haven't I suggest you pack your bags and get out 'cause your Miami citizenship is being revoked as hell.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

John C. Reilly as Dr. Brule

One of Tim & Eric's excellent characters, getting a spin-off series. This is just a preview and I'm already psyched. And I could really go for some sushi and thai doughnuts right about now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tim & Eric - Paul Rudds Computer

I literally do not even need to write a description about this. Paul Rudd and Tim & Eric is enough. I would like to include, however, that if Paul Rudd asked for my hand in marriage I would be so ready to accept. I'd show him this post, so that he knows I accepted the offer long ago before asking me. If it doesn't make sense to you, it doesn't have to.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Save me, please

I will make however many virgin sacrifices you'd like, Academic Gods. Please bless me with your logic, common sense, intuition, spirit, and strength. I need to pass my IB exams. All I want on the math exam is a three. I pray that it will not cost me my diploma. Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


While FBN can't get over all the highly prestiguious awards they got at the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA), I quietly celebrate the small victory The Talon made. I won first place in the Carry-In Photo Contest, which I received mid-sentence. It kind of stamped and sealed the overall positive experience that was FSPA.

I had wanted to go when I was a Sophomore, but I couldn't because it was scheduled the same weekend as my younger sister's first communion. I just realized the greatest irony... the photo that won first place is actually a portrait I took of my sister for her first communion. Holy crap. Wow, that's incredible. Okay so anyway yeah, FSPA was a great experience. it really helped me realize that the only field of study I have any passion for is journalism/communications. I cannot think of a single thing I enjoy more, besides art, which I do not want pursue as a career.

Regardless, if you ever have the opportunity to go to an event like this, where various schools gather to learn about their trade and have an opportunity to network, show their skills, etc. you should take it. It'll be enriching like, 85% of the time. The other 15% is spent admiring the city, visiting vintage clothes and book shops, wishing you could get into the cool bars in Ybor City and having delicious milkshakes.

P.S. Havin' good vibes about summer.
P.P.S. Congratulations to all the winners!