Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi hello is this thing on

Wow I can't believe I have the audacity to have a Real Blog and I don't even write in it every day with self-ware commentary on stuff. Blogging seems simple enough, but when you can't even do that right, then what does the future hold for someone like me? Whatever, I've never wanted to be a role model.

I went through all of my posts on this thing and was honestly surprised at how much I've grown. I'm currently 19, but you might as well say I'm 20 because ever since I turned 19 all thought was "I turn 20 next year" so now I turn 20 in like six months and now I'm like "okay this is kind of weird." Dumb tangent, but anyway, I deleted whatever I disagree with now. Or whatever left me with that unique feeling of repulsion and discomfort, the kind you experience when you look at how stupid and tacky you were in middle school.

I also half-heartedly redesigned this to better suit my needs. At least it looks a little better now. It'll be perfect eventually but now I've wasted enough time here and not enough time reading for business communications. PSA of the day: Never take online classes. If you're anything like me (which as a product of this generation, you probably are) it'll be really hard to care and not get distracted on social networking. I mean this.

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