Sunday, May 30, 2010

If it bleeds, it leads

The (Only) Ten Basic News Stories by Psychology Today (dot com) has effectively summed up what the news is. I've not been one to complain about how corrupt the media is, because everyone knows it is, but I've heard some people sound like they've just discovered the secret to all news coverage and I just wanted to note that. Mostly, I'm posting this to lament about the death of journalism, in some respects.

When I first started high school and learned about the basics of journalism, I was really in awe of its integrity and honor. I had to cover basic opinions stories and features, and I did it with a lot of interest and passion. But as a poor journalism student, working towards publishing a newspaper that no one at school really read, you realize what kind of crap people rather read about. I cannot count how many times the staff has sat down to talk about story ideas, and we have to scrap dozens because we realize the school populus does not consist of individuals like ourselves. It's goddamn depressing, is what it is.

Ironically enough, I want to become an entertainment journalist/blogger extraordinaire (eventually). But it's because of this, really. I rather put out something distracting for the public to read, I guess. Thinking about filtering my writing really startles me. As it is, I keep cussing to a minimum on this because I want to make it reader-friendly and crap. But I don't want what I write to lose it's voice or argument. I don't want to pretend to like something like broadcasting at my school does. It's straight up awful, man. So here I am, up at 3am blogging about this.

My regular French/Disco House jamming session will now resume.

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