Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Bill 6, now this?

Seen above: Kids 17 and under vs. Miami Dade/Florida.
So I'm not sure if y'all are aware but Miami is passing a curfew law affecting 17 year old and younger citizens, taking effect May 1st.

Personally, I'm not allowed out too late and my parents care about me so they rather pick me up than have friends drive me around, so this curfew doesn't dramatically affect my life. But I know other Miami kids, and I see how they spend their weekend. I mean, this is Miami, man. We party all the time down here.

The following paragraph(s) are just rough draft teenage ideas on the flaws of this new law and ways it can be bypassed. I'm sure teenage masterminds who know how to do these things will appreciate the advice. I'm sure my ideas are flawed as well, but they're just thoughts, okay!
  • This problem they're trying to fix is basically downtown. Liberty City, Little Haiti, Overtown and Upper Eastside. Are you for real, Miami? Leave Kendall, Westcester, Doral, Sunset, Pinecrest, Killian and everyone else out of it! It is clearly a bigger issue there.
  • You can be out 'til whenever if you're with a 21 year old. What does a difference of four years make? The difference is one can legally drink. That's practical as hell.
  • If you're working a job and are stopped past curfew you can say you're coming home from work. I can buy a uniform on eBay in a week if you really want me to. Really. If you're babyfaced enough and say this without looking like a liar, then I'm sure you can get away with this.
  • Police are going to be catching kids past curfew and will take 'em down to the station where their parents need to get up in the middle of the night and pick up their kids downtown. You'd think that'd be the popular choice, I mean why wouldn't parents take care of their own kids? Well they're offering the option of a cop taking your kid home on top of that Guess what option I'm thinkin' most people will pick... you guessed it! The one where they don't have to get out of bed.
  • I think they could use all this energy to super-mega-hyper-fine people who speed or drunk drive. I also think this is just really silly in general. I don't know, Miami's got to get itself put together. It's getting pretty annoying. Mostly the way I feel about it is that it's not going to make a significant impact and will thus get annoying for the youth who are not involved involved in criminal activity. I don't know what else to tell you!
All in all, the curfew is not that bad but I still think it sucks. Sunday through Thursday until 11pm, Friday to Saturday until 12am? Nah nah, you gotta chill with that Miami.

Read the article here @ The Herald

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