Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This UbyKotex commercial goes out to the laaadies

I can really appreciate a commercial like this. Sometimes I get extremely skeptic about who's creating these advertisements etc. and how they're catering to a mindset that is being cultured in this society, but then I remember that not everyone thinks like I do (which is good, I guess, I'm weird as hell) and that most women don't realize the stupid shit "they" use to advertise to us. Especially damn cotex/tampon commercials.

This commercial is amusing as hell, and reminds me of Target Women, a great way to help ladies open their eyes a little to the kinds of generalizations it implies about women. I mean, I've noticed these things before, but until I saw that it was never really put in words (for me, personally). And so, I pass this on, as it has been passed down to me, and shall be for generations to come. But like, e-generations, which is about a year or so in real life.

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