Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intro outro midtro

Oh hello, didn't see you there. I'll try to make this brief. My name is Karina, I am seventeen years old, alive and well, and living in Miami, Florida. I have wanted to start a fancy blog for a while!

Funfact: The name of this blog was inspired by my friend Danielle, whom I love dearly. She once said that my last name when pronounced a certain way sounded like "tell us." We joked that my full name could then sound like, "Karina, tell us!" and with that clever play on words I could totally start an advice blog under that title. I don't want to give everybody advice though, so I'll just write about stuff instead. Hopefully you will enjoy my blog and all it has to offer, which is so much because I am so cool.

But seriously, this is what you can expect from my blog: Crazy things I see on the internet, in my life, and on television. Lots of pop-culture rants and reviews. Lots of bolshevik antics. Lots of exploration in feminism and other social cal. Lots of gushing about, oh I don't know, anything I really like and want to share with the e-world. I hope you can grow to love reading all the nonsense I'll post on a regular basis, because I much rather do this than anything else remotely productive in my life. Enjoy!

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